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Legal Rights Radio – Podcast

podcastAvailable on iTunesWelcome to Legal Rights Radio – A Shapiro Zwanetz & Associates – SZA production. Legal Rights Radio is a Podcast focusing on all things cops and robbers and Criminal law. From, “when the police search me?” to “I was not read my rights,” LRR is a weekly show, by David Zwanetz, discussing the ins and outs of the morbidly curious area of Criminal Law in Maryland with, of course, a Defense oriented spin. We are on iTunes and Stitcher. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 5

A sit-down with the Metropolitan Area’s 2016 “Best Lawyers” Lawyer of the year, Jason A. Shapiro.

Episode 4

A Primer on Stop & Frisk
Terry v. Ohio

Episode 3

The other side of the door
The POLICE side of the story

Episode 2

A Miranda Breakdown
“Silence is a friend that is always loyal”

Episode 1

Just Enough Rope to Hang Yourself
The Ins and outs of a Maryland DUI